Economic Issues Simulation Paper

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health economics Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: February 13, 2012
Economic Issues Simulation Paper
January 23, 2012
Charles Sigmund

Health care economics studies such issues as demand for medical care, pharmaceutical prices, competition among health care providers and insurers, and financing of health care services. Castor Collins has put together a plan which will help solve many issues facing the organization. The plan is built to maximize profit for the company and minimize the risk of poor choices provided to individuals who will cause the organization to fall. Castro Collins Health Plan

Castro Collins Health Plan was founded in 1999 as a regional HMO, which provides health care services and health insurance to their enrollees which consist of 100,000 peoples. Castro Collins Health Plan uses a capitulation model through its network statewide of doctors and hospitals to pay its health providers. As vice president of the organization, alone with the Chief Financial Officer Helen Fouerman, the Chief medical officer Jonathan Wikes, and the executive vice president of planning and development Adam Hunter, together will put together a plan for the growing need of Castro Collins. Castro Collins was approached by two separated groups of people for health insurance. Either group has employer insurance which means both groups will pay for their own insurance. The first group, Constructit consists of 1000 people who are willing to pay a maximum annual premium of $4000 per person while the second group, E-editor consists of 1,600 people who are willing to pay a maximum annual premium of $4,500 per person. Demographics of the Employees

Constrictit has 550 men and 450 women ranging from the age of 26 to 42. About 60 percent of the group is married which mean consideration must be made to insure the spouse and children if desired. Thirty- two percent of the people at construtit has a work profile that involves great physical activities, 25 percent has moderate physical activity while the other...
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