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Topics: Management, Risk management, Risk Pages: 3 (420 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Overview of Risk Management and Quality Management

Holly Berry


March 28, 2013
David Curtiss Carmon

|Questions |Risk Management |Quality Management | |How does the leadership and governance of a |Risk management should have strong policies and|Employees stay on the right path with | |health care organization influence the |strategies settings. |quality management. | |development and implementation of | | | |risk-management and quality-management |Building a risk aware culture within the |For all employees and for the organization | |policies? |organization including appropriate education. |safety is important | | | | | | |Establishing internal risk policies and |A new change can be best for the company | | |structure for business units. |that’s therefore all employees must be on | | | |board. | | | | | | |Designing and reviewing risk process for risk |Can maintain all staff to be on the same | | |management. |page which can lead to more motivation and | |...

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