Economic Growth in South Africa

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Question Number 1

1. Strategic Priority 1: Economic Growth and Job Creation.

2. Strategic Priority 2: Massive programme to build economic and social infrastructure.

3. Strategic Priority 3: Rural Development

4. Strategic Priority 4: Education

5. Strategic Priority 5: Health

Question Number 2
* Priority 1- Factors beyond the control of policy-makers and stakeholders in South Africa have a big impact on the environment for growth and job creation, and it is difficult to measure achievements by outcomes only. Vulnerability to a weak and volatile global economy remains a significant challenge to job creation, although the recent depreciation of the rand may have helped to protect some jobs in export sectors.

* Priority 2- Only 68% of money intended for large infrastructure projects had been spent in the last financial year. This amounts to R178-billion of the allocated R260-billion. Municipalities especially have battled to attract managers with the right skills as well as the requisite technical experts to run the projects.

* Priority 3- The department has implemented the CRDP in 21 sites throughout South Africa and aims to roll this out to 160 sites by 2014. Lessons learnt from these CRDP sites indicate that the challenges in rural areas include: * underutilisation and/or unsustainable use of natural resources * poor or lack of access to socio-economic and cultural infrastructure and services, public amenities and facilities and government services * lack of access to clean water or lack of water resources for both household and agricultural development * low literacy, skills levels and migratory labour practices * decay of the social fabric

* unexploited opportunities in agriculture, tourism, mining and manufacturing. * Priority 4- Nearly 70% of all South Africans are under the age of 35. Government, through the Department of Higher Education and Training, developed a strategy to increase the ratio of young people that are in education, employment or training by 2014/15. The aim of this strategy is to strengthen the capacity of the education and training system to provide pivotal programmes to a growing number of young post-school learners as well as adults at turning points in their careers.

* Priority 5- Several areas of progress have been identified, especially in terms of reducing the effect of childhood illnesses. Improving immunisation coverage ranks high among renowned strategies for improving child health. Immunisation campaigns have been markedly successful in preventable diseases, including polio and measles. Carefully planned and systemic interventions, based on the Negotiated Service Delivery Agreement objectives, have been adopted for child health.

Question Number 3
* Priority 1-The main objective is to respond appropriately, promptly and effectively so that growth in decent employment and improvements in income security are reinforced, and investment sustained to build up national economic capability and improve industrial competitiveness.

* Priority 2 - Poor infrastructure and poor access to basic services are a result of weak and under-resourced rural local government, as well as a lack of coordination between all the departments involved in service delivery in rural areas. Essential services are also generally less available and of poorer quality in rural areas, rendering these places unattractive for people to live and work. As a result, manypeople in the economically active age group migrate, and the rural economy stagnates.

* Priority 3-Between 10 and 15 million South Africans live in areas that are characterised by extreme poverty and underdevelopment. Recognising the diversity of our rural areas, the overall objective is to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy of rural development that will be aimed at improving the quality of life of rural households, enhancing the country’s food security through a...
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