Economic Factors Caused the American Revolution

Topics: Stamp Act 1765, Thirteen Colonies, American Revolution Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: October 12, 2008
There are many different factors that brought about the American Revolution. As well as political battles, there was a large economical battle taking places in the colonies because of taxation without representation. The colonists often believed that the British government was tyrannical and out of control with the taxes they implemented on the colonists. The disputes over trade, government control, and taxes eventually brought about the American Revolution and shaped the way America is today.

The economical disputes were not what originally brought about conflict between the colonists and British government. The idea that the colonists should be able to instill some ideas of their own in the way their country was ran was a leading factor in major political disputes between the sides. The colonists wanted to be free from the tyrannical possession that the English government had over them. The general belief of the colonists was that God intended them to be separated from Britain.

Although the political disputes are what started the original conflict between the colonists and the British government, the economic influence was much greater a force. The Stamp Act imposed so many taxes on such a variety of items, it was nearly impossible to make a living and to pay for things such as newspapers, pamphlets, bonds, leases, deeds, college diplomas, dice, and playing cards. Even when the government repealed the Stamp Act in 1766, they immediately placed into action the Declaratory Act, which stated that the government could impose any tax they saw fit to. On top of that, they also imposed the Quartering and Tea Acts, which only infuriated the colonists even more.

The main issue in the American Revolution was taxation without representation. The colonists felt they were being wrongly taxed and it angered them more that the people that were imposing these taxes didn’t even live in the Americas or see the conditions they had to deal with. They also didn’t have the...
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