Economic Factors Affecting Sugar Industry in India

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Indian Sugar Industry
Submitted for the Partial fulfilment of the requirement
towards the award of Degree of
Master of International Business (MIB)
Session 2010-2012
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Under the Supervision of:
Prof. M.S. Lakshmi

New Delhi-110025


This is to certify that Soobian Ahmed has completed his Comprehensive Project under my direct supervision. This research project was to study “Indian Sugar Industry”, which he has successfully completed and the same is presented in the form of the present report.

It is further certified that the project report submitted by him reflects his original work and based on the work assigned to him for the Comprehensive Project and that the present project report has not been submitted elsewhere for the award of any degree, diploma or fellowship.

Project Guide:

Prof. M.S. Lakshmi Centre for Management Studies,
Jamia Millia Islamia


I, Soobian Ahmed, a bonafide student of MIB (Full Time) Programme at the Centre for Management Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, hereby declare that I have undergone the comprehensive project under the supervision of Prof. M.S. Lakshmi

I also declare that the present project report is based on my comprehensive project and is my original work. The content of this project report has not been submitted to any other university or institute either in part or in full for the award of any degree, diploma or fellowship.

Further, I assign the right to the university, subject to the permission from the organization concerned, use the information and contents of this project to develop cases, caselets, case leads, and papers for publication and/or for use in teaching.

Place: New Delhi ………………. Date Soobian Ahmed 10-MIB-40

It is with immense satisfaction and pride that, I am completing my project under Prof M.S. Lakshmi and would like to thank for her extensive support, timely guidance and regular monitoring my progress and providing valuable inputs from time to time.

I also express my overriding debts and thanks to my parents and my brother, without their help it would have been impossible to complete my project.

Last but not the least; I shall fail in my duty, if I don’t thank all those concerned friends who have directly or indirectly contributed in the completion of this entire Comprehensive project.

Soobian Ahmed


In an era where there is a need for inclusive growth, the sugar industry is amongst the few industries that have successfully contributed to the rural economy. It has done so by commercially utilizing the rural resources to meet the large domestic demand for sugar and by generating surplus energy to meet the increasing energy needs of India. In addition to this, the industry has become the mainstay of the alcohol industry. The sector supports over 50 million farmers and their families, and delivers value addition at the farm side. In general, sugarcane price accounts for approximately 70 percent of the ex-mill sugar price .The sector also have a significant standing in the global sugar space.

The Indian domestic sugar market is one of the largest markets in the world, in volume terms. India is also the second largest sugar producing geography. India remains a key growth driver for world...
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