economic development in china

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Organizational statement

1. The Industrial Revolution in Britain has greatly improved people’s quality of life. New machines were built in factories which is one of the main improvements that affected positively on the people. The Industrial Revolution in Britain mostly improved people’s quality of life by improving the social classes and spreading the wealth more equally.

Topic Sentence: A big impact on people’s working conditions in the factories in Great Britain was the invention of machines which helped minimize the work of many workers at once so that the work was done faster and easier. Though there were also negative impacts on the workers.

Evidence 1: In the beginning, the machines were dangerous and could be unsafe for the workers. When they built the machines they didn’t think of the safety, only of the production. By time the machines became more developed and secured for everyone.

Evidence 2: Having a lot of different machines for different positions lead to many new jobs because the machines did most of the work which was a huge improvement in the factories.

Evidence 3: An industrialization effect in the factories is that the workers won higher wages, had to work for shorter hours and in better conditions partly due to the machines.

Transition: In conclusion, machines were a huge impact on the industrial revolution in China because it changed the amount of work for the workers.

Topic Sentence: The social classes in the 19th century were strictly divided with a large difference of wealth between upper class and lower class. Factory workers had to work harder than the others.

Evidence 1: During the industrialization, overseers and skilled workers rose to lower middle class. Factory owners and merchants formed upper middle class.

Evidence 2: The upper classed people resented those in middle class who became wealthier than they were....
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