Economic Crunch

Topics: Time, Developmental psychology, Tobacco smoking Pages: 4 (1361 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Karen Tran Lam
Professor Khan
ENGL 1302 85402
June 18, 2013

In the articles, “I’m OK, but you’re not” and “Meet the Twixters”, both have very similar aspects. They both use a lot of descriptive context to elaborate their points in each essay. In “I’m OK, but you’re not” article, Robert Zoellner describes his morning where it quickly resulted in an epiphany. In the article, “Meet the Twixters”, Lev Grossman explains how the younger generation in our society have a different kind of mindset to establish and accomplish things in life, so he emphasizes a group of people’s character and attitude in a way so it can be relatable to people. The significant of these articles is that they both are written to where the readers are able to relate to it. Grossman’s statistical and more of a fact filled essay is written to able to fulfill the readers, compared to Zoellners article can be put more on a personal end. The point of these two articles allows the reader to understand the judgments that people tend to make on others. However, the article, “Meet the Twixters” is more of a convincing article rather than “I’m OK, but you’re not.”

In the article, “Meet the Twixters”, Grossman’s article is focused on our younger generation and how they refuse to grow up. He uses a lot of statistics and facts that can be proven for his article. Multiple interviews for people that were 18 to 29 were taking place to embed facts to back up his theory. As for one interview, he mentioned a man in his late 20s named Matt Swann. “Matt Swann is 27. He took 6-1/2 years to graduate from the University of Georgia. When he finally finished, he had a brand-spanking-new degree in cognitive science, which he describes as a wide-ranging interdisciplinary field that covers cognition, problem solving, artificial intelligence, linguistics, psychology, philosophy and anthropology.”(Grossman 2). Grossman states that even though Swann had successfully graduated from college, the colleges are out of...

Cited: Grossman, Lev. “Twixters – Grow Up? Not So Fast.” 16, Jan. 2005. 
Zoellner, Robert. “I’m O.K., But You’re Not.”
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