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Economic and Political Changes During the Medieval Ages

By i8cookiemonstr Apr 08, 2007 359 Words
Before becoming what it is today Europe went through a lot of changes. After the fall of Rome, Europe was in chaos. This is until Charlemagne helped to restore it, after his death though, Europe was back into chaos. Chaos ended in the High Middle Ages when Europe prospered politically and economically.

In the Early Middle Ages, also known as the "Dark ages" which was after the fall of Rome which was caused because of lack of a centralized government, lack of trade, and lack of formal learning, there was a period of great disorder. Because of Europe's many natural resources such as their seas which were great for fighting and farming, many Germanic tribes, Viking, and other people tried to attack it. When Charlemagne became Emperor the chaos stopped but after his death it continued again.

The High Middle Ages were times of economic and political prosperity for Europe. Europe started using a feudal system, which is a system of government based on control of land. In feudal society everybody had a place. For example, vassals pledged their loyalty to their lords and they helped each other out. Another example is serfs farmed and did other labor work for the lords and kings in exchange for land and food. The feudal system provided Europe with a centralized government.

Economically Europe also changed, During the Agricultural Revolution they made new technologies such as the wind mill and iron plow which greatly helped with farming. They also started using the three-field system. Because of their change there was more food and the population grew. Trade routes, trade fairs and towns were also created. Another big change was the Commercial Revolution. Money reappeared and was used to buy and sell goods. Europeans developed new ways of doing business. They created partnerships and an insurance system. This greatly helped business in Europe.

In order for Europe to get out of its "Dark Ages" it had to go through change. By changing politically and economically, it prospered. Even now other civilizations are influenced by this. For example we have an insurance system and use windmills. In order for Europe to prosper it had to go through change.

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