Econmic Sanctions

Topics: World War II, Barack Obama, International trade Pages: 5 (1684 words) Published: October 17, 2014
Aman Patel March 27, 2014
Article Review Professor Manetovic

There are many foreign policies that the United States of America follows by. There are many mechanisms of control in international relations that the U.S abides by to help ensure peace and equality. One of our actions to help ensure peace and unity is economic sanctions. Economic sanctions have been used for many years now in international relations. There has been countless number of times that the U.S has used this form of relations to deter a country away from its wrongful path of destruction. In recent news president Barak Obama has issued economic sanctions against Russia for their takeover of Crimea.

The purpose of economic sanctions is to influence other countries in that their current behaviors or policies are wrongful to international law. The point of economic sanctions is to punish the country that is acting out of norm. The country or countries enforcing these sanctions try to deprive the country being sanctioned of goods and trade that are essential for survival as a way of punishing them. The overall goal of these sanctions is to try to influence the country to change its ways or to find a new source of trade or a different way of obtaining the goods that are being sanctioned. The host country that is applying the sanctions wants the target country to change its ways into what the host country feel is beneficial to all parties involved. We want to show the target country committing the act what will happen if they continue to keep up with their actions that are assumed morally wrong. This will show them if they continue to misbehave and going against the widely accepted international relations behavior it will be a very bleak future. In the example of most recent news involving Russia and the territory of Crimea president Obama is enforcing sanction on Russia because he believes it was wrongful of Russia to invade Ukraine to take over the territory of Crimea. These actions don’t follow the norm of international relations where one country Russia doesn’t just invade another country Ukraine to take over the land Crimea. In the past the international laws were different and we would constantly see the boarders changing but in recent years this is a taboo act.

There are many ways of using economic sanctions to get what the host nation believes is widely accepted rules. The different types of sanctions are quotas on imports and exports. Quotas on imports and exports is a limit on how much you are allowing yourself and ally countries to import and export goods with the target country. Another form of sanctions is restrictive import and export licensing. Embargos and boycotts is a third and fourth form of sanctions. Embargos is a complete halt in trade and commerce with the target nation. Boycotts are a prevention method of doing business with the target country. When you boycott a good you don’t import that countries good. Tariffs are another form of economic sanction which is basically a tax on goods or services that are imported. Restrictions or canceling of trade agreements is another big example of sanctions. This is a big form of sanctions because cancelling a trade agreement can really hurt the target nation. It can prevent basic necessity of goods for the citizens and hider them from performing their daily routines.

There are many opinions on whether or not economic sanctions really do work or do they harm both countries. One argument on the failure of sanctions is that when you impose sanctions against non-democratic nations because they are more difficult to punish (Lektzian). Against non-democracies, broad sanctions that impose significant costs on society allow nondemocratic leaders to extract more rents, thereby strengthening their political position and making them less likely to yield (Lektzian). What this means is that it will be harder to influence a non-democratic...
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