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ECON2206 / ECON3290 (ARTS) Introductory Econometrics Course outline SESSION 2, 2011

Lecturer in Charge: Dr. Rachida Ouysse Room ASB441 Telephone: 9385 3321 Email: Lectures: Fridays 9am-11am Venue: Law Theatre G04


1  STAFF CONTACT DETAILS  1  1  1  1  1  1  2  2  2  2  3  3  3  4  4  4  5  5  5  5  6  6  6  6  7  7  7  7  7  9  9  9  10  10  10  12  13  13  13  14 

1.1  Communications with staff  2  COURSE DETAILS 

2.1  Teaching Times and Locations  2.2  Units of Credit  2.3  Aim and Summary of Course  2.4  Relationship to Other Courses  2.5  Student Learning Outcomes  3  LEARNING AND TEACHING ACTIVITIES 

3.1  Approach to Learning and Teaching in the Course  3.2  Learning Activities and Teaching Strategies  4  ASSESSMENT 

4.1  Formal Requirements  4.2  Assessment Details  4.3  Tutorial Assessments  4.4  Course Project  4.4.1  Group work (Optional)  4.4.2  Project Submission  4.4.3  Late Submission  4.5  When Sickness Affects Your Submission  4.6 Final Examination  4.7  Quality Assurance  5  6  7  ACADEMIC HONESTY AND PLAGIARISM  COURSE EVALUATION AND DEVELOPMENT  STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES AND CONDUCT 

7.4  Workload  7.5  Attendance  7.6  Keeping Informed  7.7  Special Consideration and Supplementary Examinations  7.8  General Conduct and Behaviour  7.9  Occupational Health and Safety  8  9  STUDENT RESOURCES AND SUPPORT  COURSE RESOURCES 

9.1  Course website  9.2  Textbook and readings  9.3  Computing work  10  COURSE SCHEDULE  10.1 Lecture Schedule  10.2  UTORIAL SCHEDULE  T 11  KEY DATES AND STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES 


Lecturer-in-charge: Room: Phone No: Email: Consultation Times: Dr Rachida Ouysse ASB441 9385 3321 1pm–4pm, Fridays (or by appointment)

Tutors: Peng Huang: David Hughes: William Wang:


Communications with staff

You should feel free to contact your lecturer about any academic matter. However, for efficiency, all enquiries about the subject material should be made at lectures or tutorials or during consultation time. Discussion of course subject material will not be entered into via lengthy emails. All inquiries regarding tutorial changes and tutorial administrative questions should be directed to your tutor. If you want to change tutorial group, you must contact the tutor for the session you want and ask for availability of seats. Once that is confirmed and the tutor agrees with the move, you must notify both tutors of the change so that they can update their lists.

2 2.1

Teaching Times and Locations
Lecture (Weeks 1-12): Fridays 9 AM-11AM, Law Theatre G04 Students should print out the relevant lecture slides before attending the lectures. Tutorials (Weeks 2-13): Students should read relevant materials and attempt the tutorial questions before attending the tutorial classes. Week 11 Monday (Mon, 03 October, public holiday): Students in Monday tutorials should attend an alternative non-Monday tutorial in Week 11.


Units of Credit

The course is worth 6 units of credit. There is no parallel teaching in this course.


Aim and Summary of Course

The aim of the course is to help students develop a working knowledge of econometrics and its applications to real-world economic data. The course is based on regression models and will cover topics for simple and multiple regression methods, focusing on issues of estimation and inference. Extensions to the regression model will also be considered. There will be an emphasis on how to apply the methods in practice, fostering the ability to conduct empirical research in economics, finance and other social sciences.

ECON2206/3290 Introductory Econometrics



Relationship to Other Courses

This course (ECON2206/3290)...
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