Topics: Triangle, Measurement, Shape Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: September 14, 2014
Scerria Ford
EDUC 301 B03
Fall 2014
Geometry Essay

According to the merriam-webster dictionary, the definition of measurement is the "act or process of measuring something". A further explanation goes on saying that the act of measuring something pertains to a size, length or amount known by measuring something. I do believe that this explanation works equally well for length, area, weight and volume but perhaps not time. You can not physically measure time, you can not hold time in your hand. Therefore, being able to accurately "measure" time all depends on your perception of time in general, in which man has created. The van Hiele levels of geometric thought describes how children learn to understand geometry, this can be a useful tool in the classroom if teachers understand the way that children learn. The first level, level 0 is Visualization. The second level, level 1, is analysis and the last level that I will be describing is level 2, abstraction. Level 0, visualization, is the basic level of geometry where children start classifying objects together. The shapes that they classify together all are very similar, an example was, "the circle looks like a sun so it's a circle". It also goes onto explain that sometimes the same shape, ae: a triangle, can possibly not be categorized together if they don't look like a traditional triangle. Acute triangles may go into a different category than a "regular" triangle. Level 1, analysis, this level is the level where children start understanding what makes a shape. The teacher explains about the sides and angles of squares, even if poorly drawn the children will accept that it is in fact a square. This is where the basic geometry knowledge is starting to expand. Level 2, abstraction is the level where children understand the properties of the shapes. They are able to understand different properties but haven't fully grasped the idea of geometry. When children in my classroom are at different van Hiele...
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