Topics: Economics, Game theory, Supply and demand Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Managerial Economics
Spring 2013 Instructor: Laura Youderian Email: Office: Smith Hall 315 Office Hours: TR: 1:30-2:30, 4-6 Purpose of Course This course is designed to help students understand consumer and firm behavior in decision making and the market process utilizing economic theories and techniques. Students should expect rigorous training on supply and demand analysis, regression analysis, consumer behavior, production theory, market structure, game theory and pricing strategies. We will focus on the application of economic tools to the day-to-day decision making for managers at all organizational levels. Text Michael R. Baye, Managerial Economics and Business Strategy, 7/E Required supplemental readings will be assigned through the course to reflect current business news. You will be responsible for all material covered in lecture as well as any handouts that are distributed. Grading Mid-term exam 1 Mid-term exam 2 Final exam Homework 33% 33% 34% 0% Course number: Econ 600-02 Location: Smith Hall 249 Time: Tuesdays 6PM-8:30PM

Homework will be posted online, but won’t be collected or graded. I will post the answer key after a week. Completing homework will allow you to assess your comprehension of the material and will serve as a foundation for future topics. You are expected to understand all the homework questions, and will be tested as such. I will go over some homework problems in class and hold office hours for you to discuss homework with me. To guarantee a particular grade you will need the following percentage score: A: 93+ A-: 91-92.9 B+: 88-90.9 B: 83-87.9 B-: 81-82.9 C+: 78-80.9 C: 73-77.9 Missed Exams Makeup exams will only be given to students with a valid excuse for missing class, such as university activities and serious sickness. In these circumstances, you may arrange a makeup exam with me. The questions may be different, but the level of difficulty will be similar.

Academic Honesty If I catch you cheating on...
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