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Title of project
Purpose of Investigation
Method of Investigation
Limitations faced
Presentation of data
Interpretation of data


I would like to thank my Economics teacher for his time and dedication that he spent guiding us throughout this School Based Assessment. I would also like to thank my parents for supporting me financially and for their constant encouragement.


For the past years, unemployment has been dominant in the capital city of Guyana in many businesses. In this research project, the researcher will investigate the causes, effect and what solutions can be made to unemployment in Georgetown.

Title of project

To investigate the causes and effects of unemployment in Georgetown Guyana.

Purpose of investigation

The purposes of this research are:
To find out what are the causes of unemployment in Georgetown. To find out what are the negative impacts it has on the country’s economy. To find out ways of solving unemployment in Georgetown Guyana.

Method of investigation

In order to gather information for the research project, the following methods of data collection instrument were used.
As a primary source, questionnaires were used. Through the use of the questionnaires majority of the data were collected. The researcher created ten (10) and distributed them randomly to the citizens of Georgetown. After a period of five (5) day it was collected back.

Interviews were also conducted. The researcher took into consideration face to face interviews and interacted with the people of Georgetown for a better understanding of their problems of unemployment.

Limitations faced

The following limitations were encountered while distributing the questionnaires and collecting the back. Some of the respondent did not understand the questions and they left the blank. It was very difficult for the researcher to arrange direct interviews and the researcher were turned down because of the unwillingness to answer the questions. Some of the questionnaires were not returned by the respondents.

Presentation of data
Question 1

Numbers of males and females

In the survey, there are thirty percent of females and seventy percent of males. Question 2

Graph showing the age group
Ten percent of the respondents have an age group of 15-20; forty percent is in the age group of 21-25 while twenty percent have an age group of 31-35 and 36+. Many people from the age range 21-25 are mostly unemployed.

Question 3

Pie chart showing family type
In the research, ten percent of the respondents belong to single parent and reorganized family. Thirty percent belongs to an extended family while fifty percent belongs to a nuclear family. Many people from nuclear family and extended family are affected by the problem of unemployment.

Question 4

Bar chart showing the numbers of unemployment.
This graph is showing the aged group of the respondents and it is concluded that in the survey that was carried out, a total of eighty percent of the respondents were unemployed as compare to the others.

Question 5

Pie chart showing the causes of unemployment
In response to the causes of the unemployment, twenty percent of the respondents said time, ten percent said under qualify, twenty percent said distance and fifty percent said low wages. Low wages are the main cause of the unemployment.

Question 6

Line graph showing the type of unemployment
As showing in the graph above, twenty percent of the respondents are seasonally unemployed, ten percent frictionally and casually, forty percent cyclical and twenty percent residual unemployed. Cyclical unemployment is most dominant. Question 7

Chart showing the effects of unemployment
Forty percent of the respondents said there will be a decrease in...

Bibliography: Paisley, R., and Quillfeldt, J. (1987) GCSE Economics. Essex, London: Longman.
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Name: Ramdass Ramlakhan
Subject: Economics
Candidate number:
Center number: 090100
Year: 2014
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