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Topics: Electronic commerce, Online shopping, Pages: 14 (4156 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Shopping at consumer’s perspective
A qualitative report

Submitted by: Vaibhav Singh
Student id: K0943552
Module Name: E-commerce operations (BBM001)
Module leader: Mr. John Eldred
Date of submission: 30th January 2010
Word count: 3599
Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary3
II. Introduction:4
III. Defining E-commerce:5
III a). Types of e-commerce:7
III b). Ecommerce applications:8
IV a). Company Profile9
IV b). Strengths and weaknesses:12
V. Research Methodology13
V a). Aim and outline of the study:13
V b). Study Design:14
V c). Participants:14
VI. Data Analysis:14
VII. Result and Discussion:15
VIII. Conclusion and recommendations:17
IX. Limitation of the study:18
X. References:18

I. Executive Summary

The born of Internet has revolutionized the modern business concepts. With the increasing Internet usage and awareness, companies started utilizing this tool as their biggest power by storing data, making transactions, data management etc.,. This also saved them on extra manpower and loads of documentations and paper costs. The term ‘e-commerce’ was introduced by business researchers and marketers to designate the business done through Internet. But the term turned into a concept and was seen with a broader outlook. E retailing emerged as one of the major application or subset of e-commerce. Initially it took a lot for companies to understand how to create the customer’s experience around the shopping through Internet. From the consumer’s point of view, online shopping firstly reduced the effort and cost of visiting the stores and market and secondly various shop bots and comparison sites offered them the exact comparisons they were looking for (Chevalier et al. 2003). Through this report, we will try to gain an insight into the market value of a very popular online retailer, Inc. Initially it provides a precise company profile, with the strengths and weakness of the company followed by a qualitative study. This report is qualitative analysis of consumer’s experience, belief, dislikes and attitude towards this company. An open-ended, semi-structured interviews were conducted on 12 participants and they were asked about various aspects about their past shopping experience through An informed consent was taken from all the participants.

II. Introduction:
The introduction of Internet and world wide web (www) has made a tremendous impact on every sector of the society. Be it government or business. According the statistics provided by UNCTAD report (2004), 11.8% of the world’s population had access to the Internet in 2004 as compared to 7.8% in 2002. With the exponential increase in the web application and Internet usage, enterprises have reframed their business strategies and have proved to be a strong catalyst for economic development (UNDP report, 2003). The adoption of Information Communication technologies (ICT) at various levels of an organization has resulted in improvement in the key factors of business profits, that is, customer relation, supply chain management, mass customization and reduced costs (Muir et al. 2002). Through the combined use of effective e-commerce strategies, picking up promising opportunities with the optimal use of human skilled force have enabled even the small and medium scale enterprises to penetrate into the business world and compete with the large business giants (UNDP report, 2003). E-business has even eliminated the geographical restrictions as well as the restriction due to the size of an operation as now the companies can target any population across the world in a very short period of time (Chan et al. 2002).

III. Defining E-commerce:

E-commerce is an umbrella term. Its range of possible interpretation may start from a kind of transaction done electronically to a much broader view that it is a way of doing business. The foundation of this term comes...

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