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Compare and Contrast the Marketing Strategies for Expanding Business-to-Consumer E-commerce in China and the United States Name: Zou ling (Zoe)
Class Code: PS10-19
Tutor: Alexandra Walker
China is expected to become the world’s largest electronic commerce (e-commerce) market in the next few years. The burgeoning markets of China represents an attractive investment opportunity for foreign companies to expend their business. However, due to the difference in culture aspects, infrastructure and business environment, companies need to tailor their strategies to the unique Chinese social-cultural environment and behavior of Chinese online consumers. This essay examines the important factors that act as determinants of strategy making process. The main aim of this essay is to demonstrate that consumer preferences is the key factor for developing a suitable marketing strategy in cross-culture e-commerce diffusion by analyzing the marketing strategies made by Amazon in both China and the United States. Key word: market strategies, electronic commerce, cross-culture, consumer preferences, Amazon Content

Introduction Page 1
Marketing strategies Page 1~2
Developing marketing strategy for expending B2C E-commerce in China and the United States Page 2~5 Conclusion Page 5
References Page 6 List of Tables
Table 1 Page 3 Introduction
According to the latest forecasts of eMarketer (2014), worldwide business-to-consumer(B2C) electronic commerce (e-commerce) sales will increase by 20.1% to achieve $1.500 trillion at 2014. The rapid growth of global e-commerce has presented unprecedented opportunities for trans-national transactions and international expansion. However, in developing cross-cultural B2C e-commerce,...

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