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2512ICT eCommerce
Assignment 1
Due date:

W ednesday 04 April 2012, at 22:00 hrs (Middle of Week 06)

Marks available:



To work with eCommerce concepts introduced in the course to date; and To practice preparing a well researched and well written report

Learning objectives:

2, 3, 5 (see Course Profile)

(20% of overall course assessment)

2. understand and apply business principles to the design and implementation of web-based commerce
3. be up to date with online commerce paradigms
5. set up an Internet presence for a business

Approximately 15-20 hours.

Tasks required:

Each student must provide, on an individual basis, answers to the following:

1. Revenue Models and Prospects of Popular Social Networking Sites.

(10 marks)

Examine the following four social networking sites:Facebook
Google Plus+
W hat are the revenue model(s) used by each of these sites?
Select two of the above four sites, and perform a SWOT analysis for each of them. Select one of the above two sites, and analyse its prospects in the near term (up to 3 years) and in the medium -to-longer term (over 3 years).

(4 marks)
(4 marks)
(2 marks)

Notes: If it appears that a particular site (or service) does not use any method of collecting revenues, you should ask yourself, “Why does the owner of this site/service offer it?” The textbook’s comment about the value of the magazine Slade to its owner Microsoft (on p. 135 of the textbook) points to the sort of motive that the site owner may have. In some of the cases you are analysing, the motive(s) may be quite similar, but not necessarily identical, to this.


Possible New Uses of an Existing Social Networking Site.

(4 marks)

Select one of the above four sites.
Briefly discuss how that site might be used for two of the following three forms of eCommerce:

(2 marks)
(2 marks)
(2 marks)


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