Ecology and population growth

Topics: Water pollution, World population, Person Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: June 28, 2014
The current estimate of the worldwide human population at this moment is 7,241,862,395. For every person who dies during the next three days, somewhere around the world a baby will be born who will, physically speaking, replace that death. With that being said there are 108 deaths per minutes, 155,911 deaths per day and 56,907,606 per year. After all of those replacement births take place, 684,000 additional births will occur. Every Minute of the day there are 267 births so that means every day there are 384,066 births. In a year there are 140,184,169.

When human population grows and there are to many people in the world well for one our resources will be depleted faster, engine fuel will be used more, the atmosphere will burn up faster, the sun’s rays will become hotter and hotter as the atmosphere becomes thinner and thinner, it will rain, more, more floods, droughts, countries in riots because lack of food, water, etc. I have a feeling if there were more people that we the city might become really crowded therefore people move out to another area such as some random spot in the wilderness, people remove trees, rocks, animals, basically anything that poses an obstacle and we build in that spot. People once they move to that spot they get chemical waste, medical waste, drugs in the water, polluted water due to acid rain which originates from car fuel and they dump all their crap in the water. Water becomes too dangerous to drink, a filtration company rises therefore taking up more space and more of the economics therefore requiring us to pay taxes on it and therefore cause more money to be printed.

A lot of trees will be cut down due to supply and demand therefore a lot of tree herbi-activists will rise and say leave the trees alone, more animals will be hunted due to the hunger of that specific person unto that specific animal, animal rights activists will rise and say that the animals are going extinct the senate will catch drift of this and attempt...
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