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Ecology is the study of interactions between organisms and the living and non-living components of their environment. It involves collecting information about organisms and observing their life patterns as well. Ecology is a science that seeks to explain why patterns occur the way they do. Interdependence is a key component of biology, meaning that all the organism interact with one another in various ways. Its very crucial for organisms since they all depend on one another for survival. Any change in the environment can spread throughout the connections between animals and even those who seem far related. If anything change occurs in one part of an environment , then the whole environment will be affected. For example if the population of plankton in a marine area goes extinct so will its consumers the zooplankton die and so will the other fish that eat the zoo plankton such as crustaceans . Marine life could not exist without plankton . Scientist often times use ecological models to help them represent parts of an ecosystem and to help them understand environmental interactions or even make predictions. Theses models are then tested by comparing them to observations from the real world. Ecological models can help with environmental problems by providing possible solutions, sometimes this cannot always work though, since its cannot be accounted for every variable in the environment. Scientist classify organisms within different levels of environments. Recognizing that each environment has different types organisms and that each are influenced by other levels as well. The Biosphere is the most capacious level of organization, with a thickness of thirteen miles. All organisms are found here. Although not evenly distributed most organisms are found in the oceans. Ecosystems make up the Biosphere, its composed of organisms and their non living environment in a particular area. This is where organisms...
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