Ecological Model Paper

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Ecological Model Paper: Aspergers Syndrome
Treyci Robinson
SWRK 501 (19156)
October 6, 2014
Prof. Allen Lipscomb

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Implications of development for toddlers with Asperger’s syndrome. Asperger's syndrome is a developmental disorder associated with Autism that is characterized by preoccupations in weird or unusual things or limited interests. Children can accurately be diagnosed with this type of autism at two years of age. The primary impairments would be social and communication impairments. Children with Asperger's syndrome display early language skills but may also show signs of the disorder by delayed milestones such as crawling or walking and displaying signs of clumsiness. People are not knowledgeable about the different types of autism that children can have. Asperger’s syndrome has been around for a long time, yet we just identify it as being autistic and not vividly understanding the specific differences and characteristics from the two.

Developmental delays in children usually start earlier than age 3 and can be categorized in a group of conditions known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Among these disorders is the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which consisting of a distinct group of complex neurodevelopment disorders.  ASD usually goes undetected because of the limited social demands along with lack of support from parents and caregivers in early life ( Within the group of complex neurodevelopment disorders, is Aspergers Syndrome, on the higher functioning spectrum of autism. Asperger characteristics contain social impairment, communication difficulties, and restrictive, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior. These characteristics typically remain undetected until the child has enough language and social skills to show that their focus is limited and may have unusual patterns of speech. Social communication deficits in highly functioning children with Asperger syndrome consist of the absence of the normal conversation, typical eye contact, body language, facial expression, and trouble maintaining relationships.  The fixated interests and repetitive behaviors include repetitive use of objects or phrases, stereotyped movements, and excessive attachment to routines, objects, or interests (  This disorder may occur in all ethnic and socioeconomic groups and could affect any age group.  Experts estimate as many as 1 in 88 children by age 8 will be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  Asperger syndrome has ranged as high as 20-25 per 10,000 children. That means that for each case of more typical autism, schools can expect to encounter several children with the disorder ( Aspergers characteristics continue into adulthood and some children may also develop additional psychiatric symptoms or disorders later in life. All studies have agreed that Asperger syndrome is much more common in boys than in girls. The disorder was named after Hans Asperger, a Viennese pediatrician who, in 1944, first described a set of behavior patterns apparent in some of his patients, mostly males ( Asperger noticed these patients’ social skills were impaired and the way they would communicate with others was abnormal, although these boys had normal intelligence and language development, they had severely impaired social skills, were unable to communicate effectively with others, and showed poor coordination. Toddlers with Aspergers may not show specific symptoms, but there may be certain behavioral abnormalities that can be noticed. When it comes to communication, Aspergers children seem to show no difficulty with speech or language development,...

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