Ecological Footprint

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Ecological Footprint

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Ecological Footprint

What is an Ecological Footprint?
An ecological footprint is the measurement system that helps us calculate the human pressure(the human demand) on Earth's ecosystems.It calculates what percentage and part of the world we use individually or in groups. Ecological footprint is calculated by looking over all of the biological products/materials consumed and all of the biological waste produced,by a person during a specific year.All of these products/materials and waste require an ecologically fertile/productive area such as forests,croplands,etc...Than all the products/materials and waste are one by one and individually translated into an approximat number of global hectares. Why is Ecological Footprint important?

Every individual person has an ecological footprint.More than 6 billion people live on Earth and they all have their own ecological footprint.As the population increases,the amount of sources needed increases as well.According to Center for Sustainable Economy,a person should consume 15.71 global hectares of the Earth's sources to protect them.However,today,the average global footprint of a person is 23.7 global hectares.It's important that we recognize our ecological footprint in order to find methods to reduce our use of earth's sources and make our world a more ecological and healthy place. How can we contribute to our ecological footprint?

There a lot of ways to reduce our ecological footprint;
Carbon Footprint
Walk,use bikes or use public transformation instead of driving cars. Take the train or the bus instead of planes on short journeys. Use energy efficient light bulbs.
Use tankless water heaters.(Your water will be heated as you use it.) Keep thermostats low in winter and use less air conditioning on summer. Unplug electronics while they're not in use.
Dry clothes with sunlight instead of drying machines.
Prefer wind and solar energy.
Food Footprint
Eat organic and local food....

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