Ecological and Natural Environment tech

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Ecological and Natural Environment
Ecological environment:
Ecology is the science of dealing with living things and their environment. All living things are related to each other and also related to their environment. In order to understand their effect of marketing ecology on marketing environment. Let us group the earth’s material into 3 categories: 1. Infinite resources – air and water

2. Renewable resources – forest and food
3. Non-renewable resources – coal , oil and minerals

The deterioration of the natural environment is a major global concern. In many world cities, air and water pollution have reached dangerous levels. The campaign against Coca-Cola by the local community, Plachimada in Kerala alleging in the Environmental deterioration and shortage of drinking water in the vicinity of the plant in an increasing environment consciousness. Steel companies and public utilities have to invest billions of dollars in pollution control equipment’s and more environmentally friendly fuels. The Auto industries have to introduce expensive emission controlled in cars. The soap industries have to increase its products to biodegradability. Its great opportunities aim at companies and marketers who can create new solutions that promise to reconcile prosperity with environmental protection. Natural environment:

Natural environment consists of the natural resources that are needed as inputs by markets. Marketers should be aware of the various resources in the environment and how they affect the marketing operations. The problems the countries facing are: 1. Shortages of raw materials: marketers should be aware of growing shortage of raw materials such oil, coal, minerals etc. Water shortage cause serious problems to the manufacturers. Renewable resources should be used wisely. In case of mineral water where the packaging costs can be as high as 80% of the total costs. Firms’ using scarce resources in their production process faces a very high cost....
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