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Macroeconomics- Final Project
Source: The World Bank & OECD- All figures are annually based. The country of Brazil is the both the largest, in terms of territory, and most populated country in South America. The country’s largest exports consist of coffee, iron ores and concentrates, petroleum oil, raw sugar, and soya beans. Brazil’s largest trade partners (in both import and export) include: China, The United States, and Argentina. (The Atlas of Economic Complexity, 2011) Source: The World Bank & OECD- All figures are annually based. Mexico is the second largest country economy and population in Latin America, behind Brazil, bordered directly by the U.S. to the North and Central America to the south. The country’s largest exports are petroleum oils, cars, television parts such as monitors and projectors. The major export trade partners of the country include The United States and Canada, with its major trade import partners being The United States, China, and Japan. (The Atlas of Economic Complexity, 2011) Variable Trends and Contrast

GDP and GDP Growth Rate
Brazil is an emerging market economy, evidenced by rising GDP, GDP per capita, characterized by fast economic growth, and increased foreign direct investments. (Williams, 2011) Brazil has experienced a steady (but slow) growing annual GDP in the last decade. This increasing trend can be credited to Brazil’s government enacting policies which invest in growing the country’s agricultural sector by providing new technology for farmers to work more efficiently, directly their agricultural program PRONAF. In the last 10 years, Brazil as implemented sound macroeconomic governmental policies; such as tax incentives for foreign investors, and developing its infrastructure through the implementation of PAC (Growth Acceleration Program). PAC aims to develop and grow the Brazilian economy in terms of logistics, transportation, energy sources, and developing social and urban areas to improve living...

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