Eco Tourism

Topics: Automobile, Carbon dioxide, Protection Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: June 18, 2013
People need better holiday facilities because of twenty-first century’s illness which is stress. One of the best ways of reducing stress is having a good holiday. People usually prefer mass-tourism and go on holiday places which is placed on seaside. However, I strongly believe that eco-tourism is the best way to go on holiday.

Eco-tourism helps people to learn different cultures when they have fun. Eco-tourism means that traveling somewhere for a purpose such as education, adventure. For instance, when travelers go a village which has different features such as historical importance, geographical feature, we can understand that they like history or geography and they want to learn something about that village. Therefore, in eco-tourism, travelers learn some important social customs which is important in that village or some basic words which is spoken in that village like ‘good morning, thank you’ to understand local people better. So, they learn different cultures in this way, when they have fun.

Secondly, eco-tourism protects the nature. When people go on holiday, they usually use the transportation system such as plane, car. However, they don’t know how the transportation harms the nature. In eco-tourism, travelers go wherever they want by walking, bicycle or natural facilities such as by camel, elephant. For example, in Sahara deserts, travelers use camels to go somewhere. If they use a car, because of carbon dioxide they harm the nature. Briefly, eco-tourism is a good way to protect the nature when people go on holiday.

In the light of these ideas, we can understand that eco-tourism is a good way to go on holiday in terms of learning different cultures and protecting the nature. One day, eco-tourism will be the most preferred form of traveling.
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