Eco Tourism

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Case Study Ecotourism Sarawak Malaysia

Tourism is the fastest growing industries in the world, employing over 120 million people. LEDC’s use tourism as an aid to develop their country. While tourism can bring huge advantages such as employment, improvements to the infrastructure of the country it has to be able to balance this with the disadvantages tourism brings. Too much tourism can result in the harm to natural environment and mass tourism can result in the loss of local cultures and traditions. Ecotourism is the best way to develop tourism in areas which are seen to be important to preserve.

ECOTOURISM: Is a form of tourism that is designed to reduce harm to the environment (e.g. by attracting people to see its special qualities without harming what they have come to see).

Malaysia is situated near the equator. It has a tropical climate, it is hot all year round and has wet/monsoon seasons. The area is perfect for growing rubber and producing palm oil. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is a RIC (recently industrialised country). There are two areas of the country, mainland Malaysia and East Malaysia. East Malaysia is on an island called Borneo and it is surrounded by the South China Sea. Sarawak, East Malaysia borders with the countries Brunei, Sabah and Kalimantan (Indonesia). It is an ecotourism destination and a place of outstanding beauty. It has some international hotels positioned within the area which attracts ecotourists. The number of visitors have to be controlled so to be able to preserve the very attractions that the visitors have come to see. More than 30 ethnic groups live in Sarawak including Chinese and Malay so there is a wide variety of culture and customs. Two thirds of it land is covered on Nation Parks

Natural/physical features Human features/activities

National Parks Caving Bako is the oldest NP...
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