Eco Friendly Structures

Topics: Natural environment, Building engineering, Architecture Pages: 4 (636 words) Published: August 25, 2013
TOPIC:- eco friendly residential skyscraper

GROUP MEMBER Hamza gahlot

Aim of the study

To understand the building materials market in Mumbai and recommend alternative eco-friendly materials for use. Once the decision to build green has been made, one of the first steps in the green design process is to establish firm environmental goals for the project. This is often done during what is called a goal setting or targeting session. During this session, it is important to set specific measurable goals for things like energy efficiency, water conservation, on-site treatment of rain water and storm water, material and resource management , Construction waste management, and to assign responsibility for meeting these goals to specific members of the design team.


Task 1-Develop a comprehensive list of conventional building materials

Task 2 -Evaluate existing building product eco-rating/assessment

systems for adapting to the Indian context.

Task 3 -Recommendations for a rating system for evaluating eco-

friendly building product

Task 4-Recommend a list of eco-friendly materials suitable for Mumbai.


Internet Data Search

Market Survey

Communication with Retail Vendors and Manufacturers

Data Collection from Local Builders, Contractors and Architects

Inputs from Local Public Works Department

Type of materials

Unit of measurement of each material
Cost per unit
Method of sale –Over the counter or by order
Locally available or not locally available
BIS code/ international...
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