Eco Friendly Products

Topics: Environmentalism, Pollution, Electric vehicle Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Eco Friendly Products
Going green is the new movement in America. Corporations are creating products that they like to call “eco friendly,” meaning they will not harm the environment. These corporations want us to believe that products such as light bulbs, cosmetics, cleaning products and even cars will help slow down the process of global warming and will help the environment. While some of these may be sufficient, some are not. Using non-toxic cleaning products is one way we can to keep our environment clean.

Non toxic products can help to change the world. Eco- friendly cleaning products help because they do not contain those harmful toxins that the other cleaners contain. Toxic cleaning products contain chemicals that can cause cancer, damage hormones and cause other serious health problems (Snyder). Some of the chemicals in cleaning products today that can cause harm are sodium hypochlorite, ammonia, formaldehyde, and hydrochloric acids. These are in our toilet cleaners, bleach and even glass cleaner. After one is done cleaning with these products, what do most people do? They pour these toxins down the drain or flush them down the toilet (Snyder). Doing this is causing our public water supply to become contaminated and it is harming us in ways we will never understand. Pregnant women drink this water. When they breastfeed, it is a possibility that all these toxins will enter her body and can harm her baby (Leonard). That is a scary thought. I would never want this to happen to my child. I do not want to wake up one morning, hop in the shower and jump right back out because the chemicals in the water burn my skin. Or maybe one day I decide to drink tap instead of wasting my money on bottled water and end up in the hospital from being poisoned.

The world needs to jump in and try to solve this ongoing issue. People created the problem, and they can also work together to fix it. All of these problems can be solved by switching to nontoxic products....

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