Eco Friendly Car

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(Eco friendly car)


Need of the product : It is Perfect solution to check global warming and depleting non-renewable fuels.

Fuel : water

Bi-product : water

Chemical reaction : 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O

Pick up/ acceleration : Best, better than petrol, gasoline cars as its based on Rocket technology ( hydrogen fuel) .

Working : The electrolyte cell splits water in to hydrogen and oxygen with solar power which is inturn stored in temporary tanks until used. The flow to tank is controlled depenting upon the Partial Pressure of gas in the tank.

The splitting is faster in running car taking charge( to split) from car battery specially large battery) to compensate and produce sufficient amount of gas (oxygen and hydrogen) to run the car.

When ignition is turned ‘ON’ the hydrogen and oxygen produced react to produce sufficient heat / energy in controlled envirorment to move the piston . This same technology is used in Rockets and is more than enough to run a car. The running environment in engine is precisely controlled to give exact power required.

The by – product / exhaust of this car is water which is ecofriendly, non-polluting & a contribution to reduce Green House Effect / Global Warming.

Distinct features:

▪ Eco friendly

▪ non polluting

▪ contribution to reduce Green House Effect

▪ control global warming

▪ less noise producing as compared to gasoline fuel

▪ more mileage

▪ increase in engine’s life expectancy

▪ conversion process is reversible

▪ better engine’s performance

▪ less emission so it may help to keep environment clean and green.

Market strategies :

Advertisement through: Electronic media – televisions, cinema halls, internet , magazine especially automobile magazines etc.

Future plans:...
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