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Why Eco Friendly house?
Eco Friendly House Building Simplified: Hybrid Technology – Pragmatic Solution You want one! You’ve seen a lot of other technologies. You may be confused with all the hype. We cut to the chase right here, but let’s first define what we mean. hy·brid (noun) – a composite of mixed origin

prag·mat·ic (adj) – guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory The technology that supports every h-haus is born of mixed origin to accomplish our goals. Each h-haus eco friendly house stands on a green footprint in order to build for a sustainable future. Part of being sustainable is also being financially responsible to the budget and needs that are set forth. That is why every h-haus project is set to the demands of our clients to fit within their budget based on a healthy and pragmatic view for the future. We use a collaboration of prefabrication methods coupled with sustainable building materials and super efficient assembly construction processes to create healthy, modern homes that can be delivered at a reasonable price in a predictable timeframe. What that means for every h-haus customer is exceptional quality and an investment in your future. Simple: It’s often the little things in life that offer us an uncomplicated presence. Every h-haus is founded on the principle that the little things matter, the sum is indeed greater than it’s parts. H-haus hybrid technology takes the simple road combining the best building technologies with one hand on building science,...
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