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Eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free
Elizabeth Rand-Watkinson.  The Globe and Mail.  Toronto, Ont. Sep 12, 2008.  p. H.6  | |Abstract I know that not everyone is up in arms about UF emissions. Even if you aren't, however, I still urge you to find out where your contractor's cabinet supplier buys his composite wood products. If they're coming from certain Third World countries, you could be getting third-rate quality along with those high UF levels. |Full Text (1006  words) |

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Don't have the budget for solid-wood kitchen cabinets, but still want to avoid VOC emissions? You're in luck. In recognition of the new school year, here's a pop quiz: What do mussels - those delectable morsels from the sea best served in a white wine sauce - and plywood have in common? Can't see the connection? Read on! Unless you, like some mussels, have been living under a rock, you will be aware of the growing hullabaloo about VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and how we don't want to be breathing them in. The bad news is, if you've had non-solid wood kitchen cabinets installed recently or purchased furniture made of composite wood products, you may be doing just that. But there's also good news. Governments and manufacturers have heard the ruckus about VOCs and taken action and, just when you thought you had all the possible options for kitchen cabinet materials nailed, out they come with new ones to confuse everyone. Hence this primer to bring you up to speed and make sense of it all. It used to be that consumers had two extremes to choose from when they shopped for kitchen cabinets. The lower-cost options were cabinet components made of either particleboard, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or plywood. These are all composite wood-panel products traditionally containing glues that, when they come to room temperature, emit VOCs in the form of potentially carcinogenic urea formaldehyde (UF).At the other end of the price...
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