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Eclipse: Java EE Applications Made Easy
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Eclipse: Java EE Applications Made Easy With the latest release of Eclipse, you can get the most up-to-date components of the Eclipse framework which will speed your development of Java EE applications. Discover why Eclipse is the best framework for developing Java EE applications and why with the addition of Rational tools built on top of Eclipse, you can build the best quality enterprise applications in the shortest amount of time.

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Letter from the Editor
Bob Kane

Get Started with the Eclipse Platform
Chris Aniszczyk and David Gallardo

A Whirlwind Tour of Eclipse Europa
Chris Aniszczyk

Installing and Using Eclipse-based IBM Rational Products
Khawar Z. Ahmed

An Introduction to Eclipse for Visual Studio Users
Genady Beryozkin

Taking a Lifecycle Approach to Software Quality Testing and Management Rikki Kirzner

Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Outshines Eclipse Rikki Kirzner

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Eclipse: Java EE Applications Made Easy, an Developer eBook sponsored by

[ Eclipse: Java EE Applications Made Easy]

Eclipse: Java EE Applications Made Easy
By Bob Kane


upported by a cross-section of the software industry including individuals and corporations, the Eclipse Foundation is dedicated to providing enterprise application developers the latest tools, platforms and frameworks to support the software development lifecycle. Since 2004, the Eclipse Foundation has worked to provide a standardized framework that developers are able to extend to suit their needs. For some, Eclipse is all a developer may need, but for others, it may only be a starting point. Fortunately, that's the power of Eclipse--it can be modified with other products to meet almost any development requirement. Fortunately, as the Eclipse pioneer, IBM has chosen not only to support the Eclipse Foundation, and the many developers who rely upon it, the company also builds its own tools with Eclipse as well. Many IBM Rational software products are not only built on Eclipse, but also

extend the functionality of the Eclipse environment. This means that as an enterprise Eclipse developer, your investment in the Eclipse IDE can be easily leveraged when looking for additional functionality with Rational products. And because they are built with Eclipse, you don't have to worry about integrating Rational products within the Eclipse environment. This ebook talks about the benefits of Eclipse for the enterprise developer, as well as those Rational tools that extend Eclipse to better support the software development lifecycle. If you develop Java EE applications, the combination of Eclipse and Rational is probably all you'll need to get the job done. So read on to find out how Eclipse and Rational help make the development of Java EE applications easy.


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Eclipse: Java EE Applications Made Easy, an Developer eBook sponsored by

[ Eclipse: Java EE Applications Made Easy]
Get Started with the Eclipse Platform
Use Eclipse plug-ins to edit, compile, debug, and act as a foundation for your applications

By Chris Aniszczyk (, Software Engineer, IBM and David Gallardo (, Software Consultant. First published by IBM developerWorks Open Source at All rights retained by IBM and the author.


ind out about the Eclipse Platform, including its origin and architecture. Starting with a brief discussion about the open source nature of Eclipse and its support for multiple programming languages, we demonstrate the Java™ development environment with a simple programming example. We also survey some of the software development tools available as plug-in extensions.

in Eclipse is a plug-in, all tool developers have a level playing field for offering...
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