Eclipse 500

Topics: Very light jet, Eclipse 500, Eclipse Aviation Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: April 29, 2009
Eclipse 500
The Eclipse 500 can transport 6 occupants and falls in the new category of very light jets (VLJ). The most interesting part is the cost and operating price, which is much less than the competition. Due to the current low sales price of $1,495,000 and the operating costs of less than $300 per hour, the Eclipse 500 makes private jet ownership more realistic for a lot of people. Vern Raburn founded the company in 1998. In 2000 he announced the twin-engine Eclipse 500 business jet to be built. The target was mass production of 1000 planes a year. By December 2006, about 2300 planes had been ordered. The new Eclipse 500 jet aircraft had a lot of innovations namely; production, flying and maintenance In order to produce large series, Eclipse needed a new way of production. Together with Its suppliers the friction stir welding principle was created. It replaced the riveting in the aircraft’s primary structure and it was almost 10 times faster than manually riveting and one gets a smooth joint for improved structural rigidity. The Eclipse 500 is a complicated aircraft to fly with a lot of systems and possibilities, but it can be flown with only one pilot. The Eclipse 500 is equipped with a system called AVIO which reduced the pilot workload significantly by simplifying tasks, generating useful information, managing systems, and assisting troubleshooting. This cutting-edge system provided the Eclipse 500 jet with increased safety, reliability, and functionality. One of the biggest cost issues in flying is the maintenance of the aircraft. Eclipse Aviation wanted to offer their clients a total package that foresees everything in years to come. istory and Background:-

Vern Raburn CEO and President, Eclipse Aviation was a successful serial entrepreneur and information technology veteran with 25 years in the industry. Raburn was Microsoft's employee #18 in 70s where he served as President of Consumer Products Division. Following his tenure at Microsoft, he...
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