Topics: PHP, Web server, Database management system Pages: 5 (1007 words) Published: June 23, 2013

A Capstone Project

Presented to the Faculty of

Computer Studies Department

National College of Science and Technology

Dasmariñas City, Cavite

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements for the Degree in

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Shieriz linnea C. Vizcarra

Jamaimah Dimapilis

L.E P. Obuyes

Maria Luz V. Paynado

October 2012

Chapter 1


Industry is experiencing many technological advancement and changes in methods of learning. Schools and universities developed a web-based reporting facility to assist in reviewing student attendance records are starting to give cause of concern. The reporting facility will pull in all attendance data record. Attendance is very important because for two main reasons: Students have made a commitment to work towards achieving academic success by enrolling on their program of studies. In order to achieve success in their studies it is important that they participate in, and engage fully with, all their scheduled activities such as lectures, workshops and seminars. The College therefore regards attendance as an essential part of students’ studies. Depending on the school, attendance may be entered by the secretary or by the teachers, or possibly, both. On the main admin site, the single date method is designed for missing teacher entry of attendance since the secretary is entering attendance for the entire school rather than a particular homeroom or subject. The best approach to attendance entry depends on the school.

Student Attendance Monitoring System is a management system with a network-based system that will monitor the presence of the student inside the

Campus and directly send information to their parents/guardian regarding the absence or the cutting of a class of their child.

Project Context

This study entitled “Enhancement of Web-Based Student Attendance Monitoring and Violation Reporting System for National College of Science and Technology” is intended to develop an attendance monitoring system to be used by the authorized personnel for better management of attendance. The implementation plan has been developed to support the strategic plan of the attendance monitoring system. The implementation plan will be amended and updated as new actions are introduced and as developments are implemented to the system. In order to assist departments with monitoring student attendance the researchers has developed a system which departments can utilize for recording student attendance along with an associated reporting facility. The system generates detailed and summarizes reports of student’s who failed to attend their classes. Aside from the records of time and date, our system

Features the name, position and the assigned number of each staff. It also serves as an identification profile system.

Purpose and Description of the Study

The study will benefit the following: School. The National College of Science and Technology ensure the services they offered to their students and to their parents or guardians by giving a good quality service using a web-based technology system; Faculty. The faculty members having a hard time to update or manage their attendance list. By using our proposed system, they can easily view students who have a lot of absences in their class. Researchers. Researchers can enhance their ability and skills in information technology by applying their knowledge in programming, system analysis, design and research.


The system aims to enhance the previous study of the Web-Based Student Attendance Monitoring and Violation Reporting System for National

College and Science and Technology. Automate the reporting of students who are not attending...
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