Echolocation: The World through a Bat’s Ear

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Article Summary 1
“The World Through a Bat’s Ear”
By: John Doe

Imagine using echolocation to perform everyday tasks such as finding food or figuring where to go to help prevent from causing accidents. As hard or crazy as it may seem, there are several animals that use this type of vocalization in their everyday adventures. Bats are one of the many animals in today’s world that uses echolocation. In fact, the facts that I have obtained in order to write this paper, is from a Science journal that was written by M. Brock Fenton.

Echolocation was first discovered back in 1938. Donald Griffin was the first person to discover echolocation after performing experiments on different bats. Over time with several different experiments that were conducted, it was obvious that bats used echoes to “see” where they were going. By using the these echoes, they were able to find their prey, and fly through the night sky without running into objects.

I believe that echolocation could help humans. In the long run, once more experiments are done, scientists may be able to conclude how exactly echolocation works, so that blind humans could benefit from it. This would be an extremely huge break through in science. Although, it could take several more years before something like this could be discovered. But, in the mean time, we know that bats will be able to find their insect prey and “see” where they need to go! References

Fenton, M. Brock. (2011, July 29). The World Through a Bat’s Ear. Science Journal, 333, 528-529. Retrieved from:


References: Fenton, M. Brock. (2011, July 29). The World Through a Bat’s Ear. Science Journal, 333, 528-529. Retrieved from:
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