Ece Developmentally Appropriate Practice

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Assignment #1 Developmentally Appropriate Practice

When trying to come up with my teaching philosophy, I quickly realized that “one size fits all” teaching is not for me. I needed to combine many methods to make my style fit the many personalities and learning styles of my students. With all of the learning styles that students exhibit I do not see how a teacher could simply teach with one philosophy all of the time. If a teacher chooses to lecture all the time, how will the kinesthetic and visual learners, who make up the biggest percentage of the population, understand the material?

Due to the low self-esteem of many of the children in today’s society I believe that teachers need to be extremely cautious when criticizing a student’s work. If a student does a poor job on a paper or assignment I believe that the teacher should use remediation and help the child try to improve their score rather than telling them how poorly they did. Likewise, I believe that if a student does well they should receive praise for what they accomplished. The use of a variety of teaching methods is also crucial to the classroom. A lot of children become bored with the same routine day after day. In order to keep their attention and to keep them interested in the subject matter teachers need to use different methods of teaching such as field trips, debates, and cooperative learning activities.

Of the five major philosophies (Perennialism, Essentialism, Progressivism, Existentialism and Reconstructionism) I relate most to the Existentialism Philosophy. In my opinion this is the most important approach in teaching students in today’s society. I believe that students understanding and appreciation of themselves takes precedence over any subject that can be taught in school. No matter how intellectual a student may prove to be, without assurance and belief in themselves they will not accomplish much in life. Every child is different and has unique ways of learning and exceed...

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