Ecce Setting
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Client Feedback
My client was very happy with the makeup look I done for her. She really liked all the Fuchsia products I used but she particularly liked the foundation and the lilac correction cream. She had never used fuschia foundation or the lilac correction cream for a makeup treatment. She considered buying some of the fuschia products I used on her today for herself at home. She loved how the foundation matched her skin tone and gave it a nice glow on her skin and that the lilac correction cream covered the dark circles under her eyes. Rachel would like to get another make up treatment done for an upcoming event.

Aftercare/homecare advice
The makeup products I used in this treatment were Fuschia primer it is a moisturising gel which forms an ideal base for an even foundation it also helps to minimise open pores, dryness and wrinkles and helps they make up stay on. I used Fuschia lilac and green correction creams, to help disguise blemishes and give an even tone. I applied the green for redness on the client’s cheeks and the lilac under her eyes to cover the dark circles. I used a bit of Fuschia liquid nude and a small bit of buff foundation to even out the client’s skins texture and colour. It gives light film coverage and also hydrates and moisturises the skin. I used Fuschia lose face powder to remove shine and give it a matt look finish. The main ingredient in the powder is talc and zinc oxide which masks blemishes and covers oil on the skin throughout the day. I used Fuschia powder contour cosmetics, the shader to minimise features, highlighter to emphasise features and blusher to contour the face and give it a healthy glow. I used Fuschia cream powder eye shadow all over the eyelid. I also used Fuschia dark brown powder eye shadow to give it a Smokey eye effect. I then used fuschia dark brown eye shadow for the eyeliner. I used Fuschia black liquid mascara to thicken, lengthen and colour the eyelashes. I also used fuschia brown eye brow shader to

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