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Develop a Proposal for an Online Business Expansion OF Hospital XYZ Ervin Marlin
Western Governors University
Ebusiness QRT 1
February 15, 2014
Course Mentors: Maryann Lamer, Anthony Duran, Linda Nelms

Introduction/Viability of Product or Service
Hospital XYZ is a non-profit organization that provides acute medical treatment services, community health education services, rehabilitation services, and counseling services for customers with insurance, and billing assistance questions and concerns. This facility contains no online presence. The following proposal for a business online expansion for Hospital XYZ will contain four areas of improvement and development. These areas include: viability of product and services, current online competition, online marketing strategies and suggestions, and social media integration. The following recommendations for Hospital XYZ is to have an online website developed to promote its services and show a viable online presence to strengthen itself as a business. “Developing an online website for this organization will strengthen the business by increasing the avenues of communication between the customer and the business, online as well as offline”, Belew & Elad (2009). The next reason to have Hospital XYZ online would be to expand your business awareness, “By increasing ways to promote service and products.” Belew & Elad (2009). The last reason to have your business online, according to Belew & Elad (2009), “Would be to help increase customer traffic to the location of Hospital XYZ.” The recommended online business categories for this facility would be a combination of two main online categories of business known as B2C and B2B. According to Belew & Elad (2009), “Business to consumer (B2C) is a customer base that is typically the individual consumers who make up the general public.” “They buy products or services designed for personal use.” Next, “Business to business (B2B) is a customer base that is most likely other businesses.” “They might buy steel by the ton, employee uniforms, or anything that would be used primarily by a company.” The recommended type of business is called a service business. According to Belew &Elaud (2009), “A service business is a business where you don’t have to sell products to have an online business.” Some examples of this business type range from writing brochures and pamphlets, or completing online tax paperwork to name a couple of areas. Current Online Competition This part of the proposal is a business review which explains the assessments of the following product and services of the competitors, Hospital ABC and Hospital EFG and their comparisons to our Hospital XYZ. These assessments will also include some positive and negative aspects of Hospital ABC and Hospital EFG. The method of finding this information is called competitive intelligence. This process contains three factors to think about while developing this information. First, you need to identify your competitors, next you need to gather information about your competitors, and finally, you need to analyze the information. First, some of the competitors of Hospital XYZ are Hospital ABC, and Hospital EFG. These medical facilities are other local acute care facilities that offer similar treatments and services to their patients. These facilities are similar in size and deal with similar inpatient and outpatient counts and patient occupancy. Next, I gathered information on Hospitals’ ABC and EFG and compared them to XYZ using www.healthgrades .com. This website ranks each hospital in regards to patient safety, clinical quality,...

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