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1.1Name and purpose of the system2

2.E-Business Components
2.1Internal Organizational Functions
2.1.2Customer Service3
2.1.3IT Maintenance3
2.2Firms, Suppliers and Business Partners4
2.3Business Processes
2.3.1Order Fulfillment5
2.3.2Customer Relationship Management5

3.Possible technologies
3.1Hardware, Software, Network & telecommunications technology 3.2Payment systems and security technologies
3.2.1Payment Systems6
3.2.2Security Technologies6

4.ASOS’s e-business system
4.1Tangible Benefits
4.1.1Enhance customer relationship7
4.1.2Improve time management and cost efficiency7
4.2Intangible Benefits
4.2.1Improved strategic position of company8
4.2.2Increasing customer loyalty8
4.2.3Vision and mission8

5.E-Business Issues
5.1Security and Privacy Issues9
5.2Marketing Issues9



1.1Name and purpose of the system
ASOS was launched in 2000 by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths. Through its success it is currently United Kingdom’s largest independent online store and fashion beauty retailer. ASOS currently has websites in UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia (Wiki). ASOS focuses on young shoppers to imitate the looks of celebrities but at a fraction of the cost. Starting its business under its own label, ASOS evolved to offer other fashion brands (Wray, 2010).

The main purpose of ASOS is to easily purchase fashion and beauty products online aiming at young shoppers by practicing a virtual business system. Through the use of e-commerce strategy and method, sales of European markets rose by 65 percent on year while international sales rising 47 percent (Inside Retail, 2013). ASOS appears to be in a constant state of growth as the company seems to morph.

The company conducts a private sell-side marketplace because it is owned and controlled by the seller focusing solely on online sales. ASOS is presented in a B2C and B2B model. ASOS performs businesses with other business participants to offer third party brands (B2B). It provides its own line of fashion products as well as other brands to target large amounts of consumers or individuals (B2C). Apart from its main operation, ASOS Marketplace also provides service where users or individuals can sell pre-owned clothing or fashion items which use an infomediary model.

2E-Business Components

2.1 Internal Organizational Functions

2.1.1 Marketing
ASOS markets their products by targeting a specific market segment of young fashion conscious consumers. The type of marketing used in this case is market segmentation. It caters for a narrow market segment by providing high end designer prices and ASOS’s own label affordable products.

To improve marketing effectiveness ASOS also uses collaborative filtering. It uses data from users to predict and provide recommendation to customers on similar fashion or other items to complete the look. Collaborative filtering delivers a very precise and targeted marketing to customers. This type of marketing can be very effective to customers, as one may feel that they are personally addressed and more likely to review recommendations.

2.1.2 Customer Service
ASOS provides several customer services to ensure the best online shopping experience possible. It has a Help & Contact page to answer any questions or concerns customers usually have. Under the Help & contact page it is divided into categories such as FAQ, delivery, returns and so on. Further enquires can be done through ASOS twitter customer care or ASOS mail communication, where customers fills in queries and wait for a response. In addition to online customer care, ASOS...

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