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File Management in lunix Operating System
A very important part of your desktop environment is the file manager application, enabling you easily to create, access, and manage all files on your system. Traditional file management in Linux would have been done via the command lines, requiring some more advance knowledge of several commands to list, create, delete, or edit files and their properties. A file manager provides a graphical and more intuitive way in which it handles these tasks. The concept behind the lunix system, Unlike a Windows operating system, Linux does not use drive letters. In Windows, you would address the floppy drive as A:\, Windows system data is under C:\, and so on. In Linux, all files and directories are located in a tree-like structure. The topmost directory is referred to as the file system root or just /. All other directories can be accessed from here.

Windows base storage
Sequential Access Storage Media
Magnetic tape was developed for routine secondary storage in early computer systems, It features records that are stored serially, one after the other. The length of these records is usually determined by the application program and each Record can be accessed by its position on the tape. Therefore, to access a record, the tape must be mounted and fast-forwarded from its beginning until the position which is wanted is located. These proses can be very time consuming.

Fixed-Head Magnetic Disk Storage
A fixed-head magnetic disk looks like a large CD or DVD covered with formatted magnetic film, usually on both sides, into concentric circles. Each circle is a track, whit a fixed read/write head positioned over it Data is recorded serially on each track.

Movable-head magnetic disks
This computer hard drive, have one read/write head, that floats over each surface of the disks. The disk is a stack of magnetic platters. Platters stacked on a similar central spindle, separated by enough space to allow the...
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