eBooks vs. Textbooks

Topics: E-book, Federal Communications Commission, Book Pages: 1 (437 words) Published: October 22, 2014
Calen Erickson Marlene Sedillos, Ph.D. COM 105/Persuasion/Audience Peers 9/30/14 eBooks vs. Textbooks We dont all prefer to carry around 10-20lbs. worth of books in your backpack all day. College students should want to save space, save money, and be able to carry less weight to reduce back pain by using e-books. Saving space in college is key. While youre in college Im assuming that most of you are in the dorms and/or sharing and apartment or house with multiple people. Considering while in college is one of the only times to be socially acceptable to be poor, wouldnt you want to save yourself a little extra cash How can you do this Well, first off, you look into buying eBooks instead of getting your books and carrying them around. These books have shown to be cheaper through electronic devices rather than in store.E-textbooks on tablets cost on average 50-60 less than print textbooks. According to a 2012 report from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), K-12 school districts spend more than 8 billion per year on textbooks. E-textbooks can save schools between, 250-1,000 per student per year. Tablet prices also continue to drop, making them increasingly affordable. Tablets cost on average 489 in 2011, 386 in 2012, and are projected to cost 263 in 2015. Does this give you a better vision on what our future may just turn into Erickson 2 Having a little bit of pain walking around 5 days of the week If you could walk around and literally drop 10-20lbs. of that weight your currently holding onto, would you All you have to do is switch over your books from your backpack into an eBook. These eBooks lower the weight, considering they only weigh from 2-3lbs. I want you to be able to understand why transferring over to eBooks would be a better option. Having lighter weight walking around ALL day would release tension on your body. To saving yourself money with less travel expenses and making things more convenient. Finally, wouldnt you like more space in your own...

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