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On this task I have prepared marketing plan of one online store that I choose to show how they improve competitiveness of their marketing or sale strategy that they take. I have chosen company eBay – the world’s online marketplace. Below is some information about this company that I have search through most of the reference unit. This introduction is about, what is eBay, what the product is, how they market their products and what is their marketing strategy.

What is eBay Inc?
eBay Inc. was formed as a sole proprietorship in September 1995 and was incorporated in California in May 1996. In April 1998, eBay reincorporated in Delaware and in September 1998 we completed the initial public offering of their common stock. Their principal executive offices are located at 2145 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, California, 95125. eBay is the largest online marketplace where local, national and international participants can make sales and purchases . buyers and sellers are able to use auction – style listings , or make immediate sales using the ‘ Buy it now’,’ fixed price’, and eBay store listings. eBay is a remarkably efficient market created by connecting individuals who wouldn't otherwise be connected. It was the world's first example of online social networking. While skeptics questioned whether people would trust doing business with strangers online, Pierre firmly believed that people are basically good, and that any issues would work themselves out by the community. Since then, eBay has grown to have a presence in 39 markets (including partnerships and investments) with more than 90 million eBay.com users worldwide, trading more than $1,900 worth of goods each second. In 2002, the eBay community made it clear that they preferred using PayPal as an online payment method. So eBay acquired PayPal, which brought new efficiencies to e-commerce and redefined possibilities for eBay's future. What is eBay’s vision?

Provide an Online Business to Enable Anyone To Auction Practically Anything

What is eBay’s Mission?
eBay’s mission is to build the world’s most efficient and abundant marketplace in which anyone, anywhere, can buy or sell practically anything. They pioneered online trading by developing an Internet-based marketplace in which a community of buyers and sellers are brought together in an entertaining, intuitive, easy-to-use environment to browse, buy and sell an enormous variety of items. Through their PayPal platform, they enable any business or consumer with email to send and receive online payments securely, conveniently and cost-effectively. Where eBay is’s Marketplace?

      eBay’s marketplace exists as an online trading platform that enables a global community of buyers and sellers to interact and trade with one another. Their role is to create, maintain, and expand the technological functionality, safety, ease-of-use, and reliability of our trading platform while, at the same time, supporting the growth and success of our community of users.

What is eBay’s Trading Platform?
      eBay’s trading platform is a fully automated, topically arranged, intuitive and easy-to-use online service that is available 24-hours a day, seven-days a week, enabling sellers to list items for sale in either auction or fixed-price formats, buyers to bid for and purchase items of interest, and all eBay users to browse through listed items from any place in the world at any time. The platform includes software tools and services, available either for no charge or for a fee, that allow buyers and sellers to more easily trade with one another. Our software tools and services — such as Turbo Lister, Seller’s Assistant, Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro, which help automate the selling process; the Shipping Calculator, which makes it easier for buyers and sellers to calculate shipping costs; the eBay Toolbar, which helps eBay users stay connected with eBay wherever they are on the Internet; and...
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