Ebay in Asia

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eBay in Asia
Kristen Brodosi
Dr. Hiatt
International Marketing
March 12, 2013

The company eBay began in the living room of Pierre Omidyar in 1995. The company was simply created to connect individuals for the exchanging of goods and services. As a computer programmer, Pierre designed what people referred to as an auction web, connecting millions of people globally through the use of the internet. The growth of eBay was quick and continuous, and today is a biggest global internet business. However, with all of eBay’s success, the company has struggled in Japan, China, and other Asian markets. Yahoo and eBay have both similar and different strategies they use to approach the Asian market. China made a significant move by giving control of its main China operation to Tom Online. In addition to all that they have done, there are a few additional strategies that eBay could use in the Asian market. http://www.cs.brandeis.edu/~magnus/ief248a/eBay/history.html

Why eBay has struggled in Japan, China, and Asia
The company eBay started off small, out of the home of Pierre Omidyar. The business successfully grew larger and larger across the Unites States. However, the global expansion wasn’t as easy. The company struggled with Japan, China, and Asian markets for a variety of different reasons. For Japan, the first big issue is that eBay entered the country in 2000, after Yahoo had already got the attention of the Japanese. Unfortunately, eBay wasn’t completely prepared and they were not up for the competition. Another issue was that the Japanese were not accustomed to using credit cards in the early 2000s, and eBay does not offer a cash payment option. In addition, eBay also lacked organization and proper management when the company entered Japan. This made the company vulnerable to their competition and ended with eBay leaving after just a few years....

References: http://www.cs.brandeis.edu/~magnus/ief248a/eBay/history.html
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