Eating should be allowed in Subways

Topics: Hong Kong, MTR, Hygiene Pages: 6 (1976 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Time to Feast on the Subway
“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” ( Heinlein 1) Having breakfast in the morning really makes a huge difference for the day. In Hong Kong, where everyone is having a hectic life, people always make full use of their time. Imagine before heading to school or work, one can now enjoy more sleep by having a good feast on the trains, life might be much easier. A passenger in New York seemed to agree to it. “Last year a fierce quarrel started when a woman savored spaghetti and meatballs on the New York Subway. The whole fight was ended with the accuser having a face of tomato sauce.“ (UTubeNEWSand “ Fight Over Spaghetti on Subway”). The above scene was captured and became a viral video on the internet. In addition, subway commuters in Hong Kong are also required to keep the food away on trains. Whether food should be banned on sub’ ‘

ways has also become a matter of contention here. In my opinion, the answer seems to be neither simple nor one-sided. Eating should not be banned in the railway. In Hong Kong, the ban seems to have been welcomed by the public for many years. Many of us are taught that we should never eat on the trains since we were small. Yet, some passengers now. Chi 2

become reluctant to give in. Owing to the prevalence of human rights in the 21st century, people started to express grievances against the ban, which deprive their right of eating. “I really don’t get it. Do they know how long it takes to get to work from Chai Wan to Tuen Mun every morning?” said by kylai1 on an online forum ("Hong Kongers should fight for the right to eat in the MTR." 2). Kylai1 was not the only one who complained about the inconvenience caused by the ban. Some bloggers also realized that less and less people are abiding by the rules. “The situation is getting worse. At first, people ate secretly on the trains but now I even saw many people having a huge lunchbox or even noodles.” complained by Alison, one of the bloggers on the internet ("Remove the ban in the MTR." 338). As mentioned by the bloggers, it is no more surprising to see people having a big feast on the trains. Due to the inconvenience caused and the low effectiveness of ban, whether eating should be banned on trains has thus stirred up a controversy in the territory. The first and foremost reason for banning eating on the railway is to maintain the hygiene on the subway. In New York, where people are allowed to eat on trains, many people throw rubbish on the track after eating. “I've seen people have a grand old meal – and discard their stuff on the track," Bill Perkins said. ("NYC lawmaker want subway eating ban" 1). Therefore, the subway’s litter problems are somehow caused by eating on subways. Eating on the trains can be unhygienic as those food rodents and garbage contribute to germs and trash. “A recent survey found that New York City residents see rats in 1 out of every 10 subway platforms.” (Antin et al. 1). Thus, not only the Chi 3

cleanliness of the system needs awareness, but the scurrying rats caused by the left-overs should also receive special attention. To help with the hygiene on the trains, the fastest way is to clear any possible sources of trash and food debris. As a result, the ban is necessary to help curb the subway’s litter problems and minimize the rodents that help breed the vermin. However, it should be the bad eating habits of some passengers which contribute to the poor hygiene the railway. The focus should be put on what and how people eat in the carriage but not on the act of eating itself. Picture a scene in which a man is drinking only a bottle of water or chewing gum on the train, does the purpose of the ban still exist? What if a passenger is eating biscuits tidily with all the leftovers carried by a piece of tissue paper? Both of the above examples illustrate that eating in the railway is not necessarily unhygienic. There is no need to ban if...
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