Eating Meat

Topics: Nutrition, Vegetarianism, Meat Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: December 13, 2010
“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.” Paul McCartney stated in a video he made to motivate switching to vegetarianism. Like Paul McCartney, many people today are switching to a vegetarian or even vegan diet and with good reason. Environmentalists and scientists have shown, through extensive research, that meat industries are over-producing animal products, and in addition, are a major cause of environmental problems such as global warming and world hunger. Another good motive is the unimaginable cruelty these animals suffer, that represents torture one could never imagine for their own pets or peers. As importantly, being a vegetarian has numerous health benefits. Animal products contain bacteria and contaminants that have been shown to cause fatal illnesses. Cutting meat and animal by-products from your diet and adopting a vegan one is a healthy lifestyle choice because it can reduce a number of environmental impacts, it makes for a better ethical choice, and it can improve your personal health greatly.

Eliminating animal products from the diet is an attractive option because it will help prevent a number of today’s environmental challenges. The meat and dairy industries are a major contributor to the rise in greenhouse gases, which can cause global warming. United Nation Scientists have issued studies asserting that the gases produced by these industries are forty percent higher than the ones emitted from all of the world’s transportation services combined. Also, these farms are reported to be doing further harm to the planet’s ecosystem. As well as air pollution, they are causing the degradation of the land. They are clear-cutting forests to set up space for factory farms. Another issue that these industries are creating is water pollution and shortage. The amount of water used to supply the animals and their feed more than doubles what we would need if we were to grow the same amount of food such as vegetables, grains, or...
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