Eating Local

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Eating local paper
Week 5 Jennifer O’Hara February 9, 2013 Julie Woolf

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How could you implement a local diet into your lifestyle?

I recommend incremental change; first comparing your dietary intake to some reference pattern, like the Dietary Guidelines for Americans or the American Heart Association's TLC for your Heart diet. Then figure out what your "biggest" problem is and slice it up into small changes to make. Work on implementing those changes, one by one, until you achieve your goal. Then move onto the next "big" problem and repeat. I used to eat poorly until I got sick and since then we only eat healthy food and I only cook healthy. Plus There is no 'best diet' or else we'd all be on it. It depends on your body and your motivation. For me, I can’t live without carbs so the 'best diet' for me was to switch to better carbs like grained bread, and I increased my fruit and vegetable intake.

Are there farmers' markets in your area?

Yes there are farmers’ markets in my area and I live there in the Spring and Summer time. I will purchase all my vegetables and fruits there. I think fruits and vegetables from a farmers’ market is the best and the farmers’ market I go to uses organic pesticide that is safe for the Earth and safe for humans. I buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the grocery store as well but I am very choosy because I don’t know what is on it. I wash it extra...
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