Eating Disorders

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Destiny Jones
Ms. Davis
English II
21 April 2014

Jones 1
Eating Disorders
In the United States more than 24 million people suffer from eating disorders. An eating disorder is a mental and physical illness that is characterized by a preoccupation with food and weight. The different types of eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia, and binge. Eating disorders is more than just about food its a state of mind you develop over the years. My paper will discuss the factors that contribute to eating disorders, whether it's a personal or social problem, and how to recover from them. I ask the question “Does a eating disorders just eat away at you body?” Eating disorders are caused by many things such as physical, mental, and society issues. The psychological factors that contribute to eating disorders is low self-esteem, lack of control in your life, and depression. In this day of age many people have lost control of there lives as a result many have become depressed and lost sight of who they are. Food provides them with comfort and at that moment erases away all of life problems and struggles. Many believe that they can eat away there problems but this does nothing but destroy you physical and mental emotions. They best thing is to address the issues that you face in your life and deal with them up front instead of turning to food as a problem solver. The social factors that contribute to eating disorders is trying to be picture perfect and live up to society’s definitions of beauty. Today so many people are caught up on trying to impress everybody but themselves. True beauty comes from within not what society defines it as. With this being so many began to think they are fat and they are not up to part with true beauty. They developed eating disorders because they are afraid of the judgment society will so bring upon them. Society controls the . Jones 2

mentality of the people within it.
Personal problems are psychological, emotional, and physical. The personal problems that contribute to eating disorders are difficulties expressing emotions and feelings, troubled relationship amongst others, and dealing with life struggles. Many look to food as way out and a way a cope with life's struggles. Many people live a rough life filled with a history of being teased about there weight or size. Words are very powerful and can cause a person to enter into deep depression leading to eating disorders and other mental or physical illness. Social problems is something that goes against society goals and values. Society has painted a picture that in order to be desirable you have to have a certain type of body size that is unrealistic. With this being so many try to live up to society's representation of what you should look like. Society values physically appearance and this is one of many social problems in the world today. As result many begin to develop eating disorders as an effort to live in to society’s goals and values. Eating disorders are both personal and social problems many in the world are faced with today. Eating disorders are caused by many factors but the good part is you can overpower this disease and rise over it. The recovery process for any disease is not a easy task, it takes a lot of time, dedication, and the mind state of wanting to win the fight of life. You have to be self empowered and self directed. Gain control of your future and express the desires of your life. Build up the strength to decide on your own its time to seek help and search for it. The road to recovery only works if you willing to do so. Recovery will only go as far as you let it, knowing this is so “Do you have the strength to break the chains that are holding you back from a life free from eating disorders?” Jones 3

An eating disorder is a mental and physical illness that is characterized by a preoccupation with food and weight . An eating disorder can can seriously...

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