Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders Research Paper
Anna Mills Hofstra University PSY 456 February 15, 2014
The effects of puberty on genetic risk for disordered Eating: evidence for a sex difference
It is customarily known that girls are more affected with Eating Disorders (ED) than boys. Does it mean that boys do not deal with the same issues as girls? In this study the researchers try to discover the variance between both the sexes that minimizes boys from ED. Eating disorder is classified as having 0% genetic influence before puberty, but 50%genetic influence during and after puberty (Klump et al, 2000, 2003, 2007, Culbert et al.2009). Accumulating research states that increases in ovarian hormone is the key factor that separates the sexes apart. Therefore, if during puberty girls already are faced with 50% heredity plus the increase in ovarian hormones suggest the difference. Based on this do women show different incidence of eating disorder than men? Method Participants and Instruments. There were 1006 participants of male and female twins from 10 to 28 years old (634 female twins, 374 males; Table 1). In order to locate these people they used an archival method. Using the Michigan State University Twin Registry (MSTUR) as well as different methods to enlist subjects like classified ads (Klump et al. 2010). Interestingly all the participant were of the same region. In order to determine the accuracy of the twins questionnaires were given to examine physical similarities and those that seemed inaccurate were reviewed by MSTUR through pictures and other correspondence. Procedure The Minnesota Eating Behavior Survey (MEBS) which consisted of a 30-item score was used to determine those who had displeasure of body image which lead to disordered eating, weight obsessions and self -hurling. Based on a true or false questionnaire those that scored higher characterized extra pathological behavior and actions. The researchers fixated on the MEBS results since it has been attentive in other studies on twins (Klump et al, 2000, 2003, 2007, Culbert et al.2009). The MEBS score display parallel and internal evenness (a=0.84 -0.89 Table 1) in males and females. The study also demonstrated that both sex as well as development phase display consistent scoring (all a’s o0.82; Table 1) and a strong convergent vali1dity with Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire which scored (r’s=0.77-0.96 Table 1) with predictable relationship between external body mass index (BMI) and symptoms of depression. Various other testing used to analyze such as twin intra class correlations of genetics outcomes on disordered eating in both sexes. Results

The correlation between the twins helped support the hypotheses that females are inclined to Eating Disorders due to genetics. The findings were in difference to females, in which genetic influences reasoned why 0% during pre-puberty and 50% during puberty and early adulthood (Klump et al. 2010). The outcome was transversely the same within two systematic methods verifying that there is sex differentiation among genetic effect in the course of pre-puberty alone. In general findings emphasize the disparity in sex in the puberty stage as a risk for the disorder. These data suggest that puberty sets in motion the genetic risks that ovarian hormones contributes to disorders because of pubertal growth in girls and controls the gene in the neuronal system (Klump et al, 2000, 2003, 2007, Culbert et al.2009). Therefore suggesting that sex differentiation influences the genetic factor in girls than...
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