Eating Disorders

Topics: White American, United States, White people Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Eating Disorders: White American vs. Black American Teenagers Gretchen Serrao
Nova Southeastern University

Eating Disorders: White American vs. Black American Teenagers
During our time, society in the United States is greatly influenced for concerns about body image and weight which leads to eating disorders. White Americans and Black American teenagers hold differences in judgements about body size. Therefore, this topic is of great interests for me because I wonder very much about the prevalence of eating disorders between this two groups of people who currently live in the United States.

The research plan that I would follow is to gather reliable information about this topic by researching online at the NSU Libraries' website. This site provides trustworthy information and sufficient facts from varied sources. Moreover, encyclopedias and textbooks would be remarkably helpful for the enrichment of my paper’s content. Research in Google as well as wikipedia are also useful because they will enhance my knowledge on the topic that I am writing about. This is important for me because it will allow me to develop a list of plausible keywords, due to the fact that careful keyword searches are critical for an effective research.

I would start developing my thesis by explaining the problem at hand, which are the rates of eating disorders in teenagers nowadays. Having an organized way of projecting my voice in this essay is crucial, because my knowledgable reader will be expecting this from me. The persuasion of my audience could only be done by providing unequivocal evidence. I would exclude my personal opinions at this point. I would also provide researched information about the influence that the entertainment media has on adolescents, which causes these eating disorders. Supplying other types of facts, such as research about the way teenagers are studied in colleges regarding their judgements about body size is also crucial....
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