Eating and Ans

Topics: Japan, South Korea, Eating Pages: 3 (473 words) Published: January 2, 2011
Business Cards

Q.1 : What colour ink is best for business cards in China? Ans: Gold.

Q2: Business cards are always reciprocated in the USA?
Ans: False.

Q3: Which of these should not be done with a South Korean’s card? Ans: Writing on it.

Q4: Which of these is most important on business cards in Germany? Ans: Qualification.

Q5: You should accept cards in Japan with_______?
Ans: Both hands.

Q6: In the Philippines who would give the business card first? Ans: Visitor.

Q7: What language should you ideally translate your business card into if going to Taiwan? Ans: Cantonese.

Q8: In Srilanka which hand should you not use to pass the business card? Ans: Left.

Q9: When meeting a group of people in Venezuela you should give your card to? Ans: Everyone.

Q10: Exchanging business cards is very ceremonious in UK?
Ans: False.

Dinning Etiquette.

Q11: Who prays for a meal in France?
Ans: Host.

Q12: Jews are forbidden from eating which of these?
Ans: Lobster.

Q13: In Belgium how many times should you raise your glass when toasting? Ans: Twice.

Q14: In the Middle East which of these should you avoid when eating? Ans: Using left hand.

Q15: In the South Korea it is considered polite to?
Ans: Refuse offers of more food at least three times.

Q16: In India one should never offer some one food from their plates? Ans: True.

Q17: Dropping your chopstick in China is considered as bad luck? Ans: True.

Q18: In Belarus what is the most popular drink at a business gathering? Ans: Vodka.

Q19: In Bolivia banana should be eaten with a knife and fork? Ans: True.

Q20: At a dinner in Hong Kong where will the guest of honor be seated? Ans: Opposite the host.

Cross Culture Awareness

Q21: Japanese often send money to bereaved friends as an expression of sympathy? Ans: True.

Q22: Americans and Georgians belong to the same language group? Ans: False.

Q23: Shaking hands with women is acceptable in Indonesia?...
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