Eat Less Crap Lose That Fat

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Weight loss Pages: 3 (694 words) Published: July 2, 2015
Eat Less Crap Lose That Fat
Sam Pease could be called the Gordon Ramsay of diets — her narrative is entertaining, fresh, candid and she is not afraid to punctuate with passionate profanities. With an honest account of her fat-shame, Eat Less Crap Lose That Fat is filled with funny, embarrassing self-confessions about foodguzzling and is the

ultimate guide on how to get slim without the gym.
Eat Less Crap Lose that Fat teaches readers
easy ways to lose weight. Whether you want to
lose 5, 50, or 500 kilos — losing weight is easy
once you have Sam’s secrets.
Five years ago Sam Pease was fat and frazzled.
None of the popular diets appealed because
they preached the same message give up all
the foods you love and exercise for an hour,
three times a week. That was never going to
work for Sam (she despises gyms and is a
carb-junkie), so she had to find new ways to
trim down.
She spied on slenderellas, followed fatties and
developed a diet that allowed her to eat chips,
cheese, and carbs almost every day. It worked.
Within five months she’d lost 28 kilos, without
stepping foot in a gym. Five years later she’s
still a size 8 (and she’ll never be fat again).
This anti-gym diet is a backlash against
traditional weight-loss books with their
unsustainable food-elimination, lifestyle-change
live-at-the-gym messages. Sam developed the
diet for people that hate dieting and exercising,
like her. It has heaps of great practical
tips, including how to get through social

Eat Less Crap Lose
That Fat
Author: Sam Pease
RRP: $24.99
Released: 10 January 2014
Random House New Zealand

For an interview with Sam Pease or for an extract from Eat Less Fat Lose That Fat or for more information please contact Rebecca Simpson at Random House on 09 444 7197 or

engagements, dinners and lunches out, how to
trick yourself into eating less, secrets on how
to get a toned flat tummy without exercising
and it allows for...
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