Eat And Drink

Topics: Scientific method, Sign, Evidence law, Cleanliness, Witness, Observation / Pages: 2 (315 words) / Published: Dec 14th, 2014

Method of assessment
1 Observed by YOUR assessor [ ]
2 Observed by another assessor [ ] Evidence Item No:
2 Seen by witness [ ]
3. Seen by expert witness [ ]
4. Reflective account/candidate explanation [ ] Unit no/s:
5. Other (state what)

Candidate name: MATTHEW HARDCASTLE Date of activity: 29/9/14
If this evidence directly involves people receiving support, e.g. candidate observation, please record here how prior consent was obtained and from whom..


Outcome 1(3,4)

If any equipment or facilities on the premises or in the individual’s place of home has a fault or hygiene concerns is best to put a stop for the use and explain to service user of why and of course report to the manager of faulty part or damaged area which cause to harm to the user and contract appointed tradesperson to repair and report it in the individuals recording file of when and what being done etc

If a hygiene situation which is best to ask a cleaner or yourself to clean the affected area with the correct cleaning products as using PPE

There different ways in ensuring the safety or that user can call for help if a problem occurs which call point devices are in place e.g. wall pull cord which alerts the carer to assist the individual as you see below, for any kinds of situations from assistance to accidents of nneed of call etc

Or wait outside of the designated area until the individual calls for assistance

To be deemed current and authentic this record must be appropriately signed and dated as set out below:

I confirm that the evidence listed is my own work and was carried out under the conditions and context specified in the standards.

Candidate signature: Date:

Assessor signature: Date:

Witness/Expert Witness signature (if applicable): ___________________________ Date:
(In addition, all witnesses

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